We are exploring challenges to efficient and effective treatment for patients with substance use disorder (SUD) across West Virginia (System-Level Inefficiencies).
Reflect on the processes for care from a clinician, staff, and patient perspective:
  • Are there tasks required that are redundant or seemingly unnecessary? "What a waste of time."
  • Are there processes or procedures required that are not associated with an identifiable goal? "Why do I have to do this?"
  • Do patients raise common complaints or concerns, internal or external to your facility that negatively impact their treatment or recovery? "This doesn't help me."
To learn if multiple settings are dealing with similar inefficiencies, challenges, frustrations or barriers, please share what issues the care team and patients from your setting identify.


Example: An issue was raised by staff about having to complete multiple different forms with essentially the same patient information when transferring patients from one level of care to another (ie: acute detoxification to residential). By identifying the necessary information required by all potential receiving facilities, a universal referral form was created to allow one form to be completed and used multiple times for the same patient. A universal form saves staff on a busy inpatient unit, on average, 4 to 6 hours per week.

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