We provide PBS Intensive Services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and/or serious emotional disorders who are at risk of out of home placement and need help addressing specific dangerous or life-threatening behaviors. PBS Intensive Services are provided to individuals who are not qualified for or receiving behavior specialist services for this purpose.

A Behavior Specialist will be providing guidance to the individual and their team to teach them how to create an individualized positive behavior support plan (PBSP) for the individual. It is the duty of the participant and their caregivers to provide functional behavior assessment (FBA) information, implement the PBSP, collect data, and provide follow-up information.

The behavior specialist will provide services similar to the example listed below:

  • Initial consultation over the phone
  • FBA information gathering (face to face, mostly at participant’s home)
  • Teach the caregivers to translate FBA information into PBSP interventions
  • Write the PBSP with the participant and their team
  • Troubleshoot problems and modify the plan if needed
  • Train the participant, caregivers, and team to implement the interventions in the PBSP
  • Follow up one-month after PBSP implementation to collect fidelity data

Eligibility Requirements

The participant must:

  • Be a WV resident
  • Have a documented Intellectual / Developmental Disability or Traumatic Brain Injury diagnosis
    • Individuals with a co-existing serious emotional disorder / mental illness will be given priority
  • Have a dangerous or life-threatening behavior
  • Not have access to a behavior specialist through another service
  • Be a willing participant in the process
  • Have a stable placement with a stable team and caregivers
  • Have a team that is willing to collect data, implement the PBSP, and be, committed to the person and their growth through the process

Please note: We will not be able to specifically address suicidal, homicidal, and sexualized or substance abuse behaviors. We only target observable and measurable behaviors such as physical aggression, property destruction, self-injurious behavior, etc.

Your application will be forwarded to a member of our program who will be in touch with you as soon as a review has been conducted. You may be sent additional paperwork for the individual and/or their guardian to sign. If you do not hear from the program within 3 business days, please contact 855-558-4296 or pbs@hsc.wvu.edu for assistance.

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