We offer a brief brainstorming session with a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Specialist to help individuals, families, or caregivers find solutions for challenging behaviors. This is a one-hour phone or telehealth consultation with a specialist to discuss specific ways to implement PBS strategies for an individual.

Example format (all times are approximate):

Part I: Description of Problem (10 minutes)

Part II: Person-centered information (preferences, interests, strengths, etc.) (10 minutes)

Part III: What has and hasn’t worked (10 minutes)

Part IV: PBS staff suggestions (10 minutes)

Part V: Parent feedback/questions (10 minutes)

Part VI: Selection of intervention strategies (10 minutes)

You will receive a phone call follow-up two weeks post-service to collect outcome data on ideas you will implement in the week following the initial one-hour phone call. This follow-up phone call will take approximately 15 minutes.

Eligibility Requirements:

Be a resident of WV or a caregiver of a WV resident.

Your application will be forwarded to a member of our program who will be in touch with you as soon as a review has been conducted. You may be sent additional paperwork for the individual and/or guardian to sign. If you do not hear from the program within 3 business days, please contact 855-558-4296 or pbs@hsc.wvu.edu for assistance.

If you need assistance completing this form, please call 855-558-4296.

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